Copyediting Package
This involves one round of editing at just 1.8 cents per word with an $89 minimum. It's recommended for works requiring only minor grammatical and typographical corrections. It therefore includes but is not limited to:

~Correcting grammatical errors.

~Correcting typographical errors.

~Suggesting different word choices, allowing your work to read with greater flow and/or clarity.

Once we receive your work or manuscript we typically require one day for small jobs and one week for larger jobs. Although we accept both hardcopies and downloads, in sending us your work electronically as a word-processor file you can therein expedite the editorial process greatly. All we ask is that you inform us of any possible deadlines, especially for those publications that are125,000 words or more, and we'll work with you to complete your editorial needs on time!

Developmental Package
This involves two rounds of editing at just 3.4 cents per word with a $179 minimum. It's recommended for works requiring more than just minor grammatical and typographical corrections. It includes:

~Editing your work as described above in the Copyediting Package.

~Suggesting phraseology or other means by which to hone and/or clarify the overall objective or thesis.

~Highlighting redundancies and making suggestions by which to reduce or eliminate them.

~Suggesting other ideas or methods by which to bring your publication to industry standards.

Here again, while the first round is typically completed within one day to one week from the date the work is received, the second round is the same. In other words, it too requires a day or so for small jobs and a week for larger ones. Again, to expedite this process you can send us a word-processor file electronically versus sending us a hardcopy via regular mail.

If your subjectmatter involves fiction, in choosing the Developmental Package we can also help you with things like clarity, readability, character development and more. If your subject involves science, this package will help you meet the many strigent demands of today's science-publishing industry. Or if you represent a company that's looking to edit manuals, ads, etc., the Developmental Package in particular can help you to thoroughly address all of your many business needs.

Whether you choose our Copyediting Package or our Developmental Package, we're here to work with you in a collaborative, one-on-one effort to help you accomplish your literary goals.

If you'd like to send your manuscript elecronically, you'll recieve instructions on how to do this after you've initiated the editorial process. Also, if you're not familiar with Microsoft Track Changes, once you receive your edited work or manuscript, it's as simple as accepting individual changes or rejecting them, one click at a time. More information about Microsoft Track Changes can also be obtained here at 

Still not convinced that we're the right editorial service for your needs? Send us a sample page of your work, and we'll edit it FREE of charge!

Moreover, while confidentiality is a natural concern for many, you have our word that will in no way infringe upon either your words or your ideas. In fact, we'll maintain the utmost confidentiality for as long as you'd like, and we're even happy to help you attain a copyright on your information should you desire.
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